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24 Dec 2015

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What we offer in our Day Care!

A DAY CARE is a facility with specialized Program & People who provides Best care for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and school aged children. It is and should be an extended home or a second home for kids.

This is exactly what we preach and provide at our Day Care center “Stars On Earth


7:30 A.M. to 8 P.M.

Day care facility available during summer, autumn and winter vacations
Age Groups

4 Months& Above
Facilities Provided

  •  Fresh and piping Home Cooked meals, keeping Nutrition on priority.
  • Rooms with child friendly furniture for dinning, academics and activities.

  • Frequent visit to Open Parks with required swings for kids.

  • Proper ventilation and Natural lighting for kids which is necessary for growing kids.

  • Age specific Indoor games - Ball Pool, Eye-hand Co-ordination tools, puzzles, carom board, Chess...

  • Escorted transport for pick and drop.

  • Trained teachers for academic help and facilitating activities like art craft, Yoga, Guitar, Keyboard

  • Very clean and hygienic environment

  • Well trained Teachers, Nannies and Support Staff

  • Round the clock supervision by trained and experienced academicians

  • Learning Methodology: Kids Active Participation and Audio - Video mode.

  • We welcome parents to make unscheduled visits and are encouraged to voice concerns and suggestions.