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24 Dec 2015

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Stars On Earth

         is your Parenting Partner, Nurturing kids to their full potential, especially in the crucial early years, giving parents space and peace of mind to pursue carers and interests.

Day Care

Kids need a lot of care and love. A nurturing and caring Day Care to make our kids feel right at home. This also includes activities like: Art & Craft, Dance, Instrumental Music (Keyboard & Guitar) and Yoga/Meditation

Play Group

A professional Play Group equipped with tools from around the world, including Multimedia, Ball pool, Eye-Hand co-ordination tools, Puzzles, Swings, Cycles etc.

Loving Teachers and Nanny's

It is not just Feeding, Learning and sleeping;

Its Hugging, Smiling and Kissing.


100% Nutrition ! 0% Junk !

Exactly what our STARS need ! And what they need !

We provide healthiest possible, balanced, nutritious food for rapidly growing bodies of our STARS and at the same time developing their taste for healthy food instead of junk, so that they not only are healthy for now but remain so for their lifetime.

We feed vegetables and fruits daily to kids to start the healthy eating habits.

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